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Licencing Information

Purchasing Licences

Licences are required if songs are to be used by individuals or choirs in workshops. By purchasing a copy of a work with a licence, you will be licensed to teach, sing, perform or record it for usage with restricted groups as follows:

Small (up to 30 people) – £ 20.00,

Standard (up to 60 people) – £ 30.00,

Unlimited (any number) – £ 35.00.

It is £5 to buy each of the songs, which include the scores, and any available audio files and/or learning tracks. Please buy the song with a licence most suited to your needs. If you are not sure which licence would suit you best, please feel free to contact me to ask. This system does rely on the buyers honesty and I am very grateful to you for this.

About the Licencing System

After much debate within the wider Natural Voice network as to how to create a fair and workable system to sell and buy material; to quote Ali Burns: “it’s hard to make a living as a songwriter in a genre that’s not set up to collect royalties”!

Therefore, several of us have opted for a licensing system to teach and perform and sing our songs. This system was developed by Ali Burns and I believe it works really well, so I will be using Ali’s system too! Ali describes the licence system as an ‘online honesty box’. For further information on why we have adopted the licencing system, please see Ali's explanation on her site as she explains it beautifully – and buy some of her music while you are there!

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