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Choir Leadership

There’s little I love more than the resonance, buzzing energy and beaming smiles of a group of people, singing in harmony for pleasure. 

I am the founder and leader of Queer Voices Gloucestershire choir and previous musical director for Stonehouse Community Choir. I am a member of the Natural Voice Network and have recently begun to offer transcripts of my own arrangements for others to use.

The choirs I run sing uplifting arrangements that range from simple rounds to traditional folk songs, classic pop and gospel numbers, and community choir pieces. I often include my own original compositions and arrangements - some of which can be seen / licensed  here.

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“I feel really chuffed to be part of such a wonderful, friendly choir and really look forward to singing with the gang on a Wednesday evening. We always have a lot of fun and have learnt some great songs which Zora has cleverly arranged. I feel very proud to have stood up on stage at Stroud Pride and sung with my lovely choir family. Viva Queer Voices Gloucestershire!!” 


What to expect at my choirs

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Photo Credit_ Shariff Mahmoud
Queer Voices at Stroud Pride Photo Credit_ Tracy Scott

My workshops are delivered in a fun, supportive, mixed ability environment where singers are invited to drop their inhibitions and let go.


Sessions always incorporate warm-ups and ice breakers, playful harmonic and rhythmical exercises, and a selection of short and sweet tunes with one or two bigger arrangements. I prepare a bespoke selection based on the individual group and event at hand. 

Unless otherwise requested workshops are taught by ear, without the need for sheet music however I can and do use sheet music if requested for a particular group.

“Zora’s teaching has really helped me with my singing. Not only by showing me how to develop my skills in breathing techniques, developing my singing range and putting feeling and tone into my vocals, but also by growing my confidence in my abilities and what I might be capable of. I love Zora’s teaching style; she tailors what she does to what I’m looking for, and is always patient, encouraging and challenging where I need it, but always with good humour. I would highly recommend Zora as a singing teacher to anyone who loves singing and wants to improve their sound and vocal experience.”

Paul Mallory
Is your choir looking for resources, mentoring or leadership? Get in touch

Need resources for your own choir? You can also download some of my original compositions and arrangements in my shop.

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