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A collective of top notch musicians that bring Singer & Songwriter Zora’s acoustic works to life.
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No Time Like The Present Teaser

No Time Like The Present Teaser

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"Always a great gig. Violin, acoustic guitar and vocals. Top quality playing, energetic, folky and a good balance of fun and more thoughtful songs. Highly recommended!”

P. Minns, Best Foot Music

Latest Release
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The latest EP No Time Like The Present is a milieu of Dryadic’s best yet compositions, and includes two previous singles; the feel-good, heartwarming "Pass It On", and the dreamy  epic "I Like".


The distinctive folk-infusion is served on a bed of superb production, peppered with an eclectic array of acoustic delights.

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Hailing from the Bristol bound waterways of South West England, the sound traverses an acoustic spectrum with a British/European folk core and smatterings of roots, jazz, gypsy and pop at the edges.


Dryadic’s captivating rhythms, melodies, harmonies and hooks, underpin candid, heartfelt lyrics, riding on a silky wave of acoustic guitars, strings, pianos and acoustic bass. Performing solo, duo or with a band, Dryadic masterfully commands audiences with an inimitable balance of trad, new, alternative, romantic and rousing.

"utterly lush from the very beginning to the very end"


Dryadic performing 2022

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