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Arrangements and Compositions

You can now buy transcripts of my original compositions - either for personal use or for teaching with a choir. 

PLEASE NOTE Licences are required if songs are to be used by individuals or choirs in workshops or performances.

Love is Love

This is my first original choral composition which I wrote in 2022 for my choir - Queer Voices Gloucestershire and has since been performed out by us a number of times and taught in singing workshops. It is simple and uplifting and has always been a hit with singers. It is a song about inclusivity and love with pride and acceptance at it's core.


PLEASE NOTE: This is for the PDF sheet music for Love is love in SAB 3. It includes an MP3 audio sampler file (midi / electronic) and 4 x MP3 recorded learning tracks for all the parts. Below are options for buying my music for use with different size groups or choirs, or just the song without a license. Please read the additional Song Licences info to see which license you may need.

Other Arrangements

You can find my other arrangements of songs for groups and choirs for sale on Sheet Music Direct.

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