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It’s truly awesome that some of you want to support us in this way. However we want to share our music with you all regardless. Thank you for all your contributions no matter how small. Your support really helps us keep doing what we do and means an awful lot.

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“gorgeous folk melodies and charming showmanship”, Overhead Wires Music (Apr 14, 2017) 


”Always a great gig. Violin, acoustic guitar and vocals. Top quality playing, energetic, folky and a good balance of fun and more thoughtful songs. Highly recommended!”

P. Minns, Best Foot Music, (Oct 29, 2019) 


Dryadic is a collective of top notch musicians that bring Singer & Songwriter Zora’s acoustic works to life. Hailing from the Bristol bound waterways of Sth West England, the sound traverses an acoustic spectrum with a British/European folk core and smatterings of roots, jazz, gypsy and pop at the edges. Dryadic’s captivating rhythms, melodies, harmonies and hooks, underpin candid, heartfelt lyrics, riding on a silky wave of acoustic guitars, strings, pianos and acoustic bass. Performing solo, duo or with a band, Dryadic masterfully command audiences with an inimitable balance of trad, new, alternative, romantic and rousing.

Spearheaded in Brighton, Zora recruited Joanna Dziecielska (the former violin player in her previous festival outfit – The Tatsmiths). Joanna’s striking eastern European heritage and classical style is unmistakable in Dryadic’s releases to date.

The 2017 release “In My Blood” is a gorgeous, stripped back demo-style recording, funded by beer, hugs and giggles, and blasted together after-hours at the old Access to Music college studios in Brighton. Conversely, The latest EP “No Time Like The Present” is a milieu of Dryadic’s best yet compositions, and includes two previous singles; the feel-good, heartwarming "Pass It On", and the dreamy, epic "I Like". The distinctive folk-infusion is served on a bed of superb production, peppered with an eclectic array of acoustic delights.

Dryadic has graced a number of Brighton’s finer, iconic stages such as The Brunswick, Latest, The Marlborough Theatre, Pride and notable, quirky theatres such as the Bedford and the Drayton Arms in London. As well as supporting the fantastic Grace Petrie, they have smashed gigs for Folkroom Records, toured Poland and most of the South of England.

Dryadics songs include an enviable selection of talent such as Alfie Weedon (Cousteau, AK Patterson, Cynefin), William Woodfine (Yumi And The Weather), anarcho-folk-punk songwriter Cosmo, award winning singer-songwriter and Brighton legend Paul Diello (Epicene, El Geebee Tea Queue, Brighton Pride) and producer Jake Skinner (Brighton Road Recording Studios, Nigel Kennedy, Ellie Ford). New collaborations are continually being forged with fresh tunes in the making and delicious soundscapes in the melting pot.


Bookings, coaching, press, merchandise, publishing, sync & session enquiries can be made via email, phone or web 

zorasings@gmail.com | +44 7939 560 976