• Improve posture, vocal health and fitness

  • Create a vocal program just for your voice

  • Learn about vocal health & how to prime your instrument – your voice!

  • Nail singing those favourite songs

  • Improve confidence, stage presence and delivery

  • Understand musical theory relevant to your own projects and interests

  • Increase your vocal range

  • Train your ear to pitch intervals and harmonies more accurately

  • Find your individual creative flair

  • Develop your own songs

  • Unlock your lyrical potential

  • Diversify your style, tone and vocal qualities

  • Reduce breathiness

  • Find that easy, balanced transition between notes and registers

Individually tailored vocal, song-writing & performance coaching

I am a passionate, experienced singer-songwriter and teacher. I work with students of all abilities and am happy to work with complete beginners. I offer a holistic approach to your learning that can either incorporate singing, song-writing and performing or focus on a specific area such as vocals.

I take the time to get to know your relationship with music and singing, find out what your passions, strengths and weaknesses are and individually tailor the sessions to set and work towards your own goals. My aim is to give you the tools and guidance to develop, grow, achieve and exceed your musical ambition.

I am patient, easy going and encouraging. I believe that everyone has lots to offer and to gain from musical expression. Whatever your aims and abilities, if you love singing and playing then we can work together.

We will work on the music you like to sing be it your own songs or covers. I can accompany students on piano and guitar if they would like and we can work on playing these instruments too. Lessons take place from my teaching space near Brighton and Sussex Universities or from a central studio space close to Brighton station. There will always be a piano and the option of practicing through a p.a. system.

Lessons for duos and small groups available.

Do you enjoy singing the same songs? Do you sing or play together? Why not book a double singing lessons to split the cost and learn together? Learning together can be fun, cost effective and give you someone to practice with. We can also work on playing and writing together.


  • Confidence

  • Mic technique

  • Stage presence

  • Posture

  • Delivery

  • Pre-performance preparation


  • Work on chord progression

  • Song structure

  • Writers block

  • Lyrical content

  • Relevant music theory

  • Harmonies and arrangements


  • Posture

  • Range

  • Vocal health

  • Anatomy

  • Strengthening Exercises

  • Breathiness

  • Warm-ups & cool downs

  • Ear training

  • Specific or challenging songs




"Singing lessons with Zora are extremely informative and comfortable. There are a few things I've been struggling with and Zora took the time to understand what I needed and adjusted the lesson accordingly. Giving me support and guidance throughout. Zora filters in information on why and how the voice works during the session which I find incredibly useful as it's important to know how my voice is affected doing certain things and how I can protect it. I can tell she's a professional and has years of experience to draw upon when teaching."

"The lessons are also very fun and I've had a few break throughs during the sessions which have given me confidence. Zora also gives exercises to do at home which I have found to be invaluable, as a singer and a songwriter. I can't wait to continue our sessions and see where my voice can go."

Cora Jaine - Singer songwriter, ukulele and guitar playing hippy.

Bookings, coaching, press, merchandise, publishing, sync & session enquiries can be made via email, phone or web 

+44 7939 560 976

Bookings, coaching, press, merchandise, publishing, sync & session enquiries can be made via email, phone or web 

+44 7939 560 976

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